Bhopal as we all know is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and it’s also know as the city of lakes.

It is the city which never sleeps
The city offers a wide range of Amazing  places which include pubs,  Restaurants, coffee shops,where one can comfortably relax and Enjoy the nightlife.

But some of the most famous places which most of the youngsters prefer is the Nadara bus stand,the tea and the poha jalebi is the most famous item youngsters prefer.
Nightlife in Bhopal is evolving. It may not be as happening as Delhi, Mumbai but slowly slowly it’s adding something new which attract the youth of Bhopal.
Through in last decade there were hardly any pub in the city but now the number has been increasing and this made the nightlife even more better
With its ever growing entertainment options this city in recent year has emerged as a famous holiday destination. If you are in Bhopal and looking for some nightlife entertainment options then you will be happy to know that in the City of lakes you can find many discotheques and dance bars. From its shopping to cultural sites to its cuisines and theme park, this place has it all and is slowly but steadily catching up with other famous metropolitan cities.
In midnight most youngsters love going to VIP Road because of the beautiful sight of the lake which gives them peace and joy
Besides this there are some famous late Night Restaurants like

1. Manohar Dairy & Restaurant

2.MoMo cafe

3.Bapu ki kutia

4.Shaan E Bhopal Rail Restaurant

5.10 Downing Street Bhopal

6.Winds n Waves
The best chicken briyani can be tasted at Jameel Hotel in Old Bhopal.
Best  Night Clubs in Bhopal

1.Hotel Lake View

2.Amer Palace Hotel

3.Noor-Us-Sabah Palace

4.Jehan Numa Palace Hotel
Best Nightlife Entertainment Options in Bhopal

1.Jhankar The Amer Discotheque

2.Liquid Pub

3.10 Downing Street


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